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About enterprise Caspian Polygraph, MMC

The Caspian Poligraph company works at the market of Azerbaijan since 2001. Having begun with supplies of equipment and materials for small printing firms and departmental printing houses, we saved up experience which allowed to understand features of the domestic printing industry more deeply.

Guarantee of our success - the accuracy and implementation of obligations. These components of reputation allowed us to achieve impressive results in business and to become the leading distributor of many worldfamous corporations and companies.

The Caspian Poligraph company is a supplier and gives service support of the equipment of such world famous firms as: "Koenig & Bauer AG" (Germany), "RYOBI" (Japan), "Dainippon SCREEN" (Japan), "Officine Meccaniche Marchetti" (Italy), "RISO KAGAKU Corporation" (Japan), "KONICA MINOLTA" (Japan), "OKI" (Japan), "HORIZON International INC." (Japan), "PERFECTA Schneidemaschinen GmbH" (Germany), "IDEAL" (Germany), "UCHIDA" (Japan), "Morgana Systems Ltd." (England), "Isaberg Rapid AB." (Sweden), "C.P. BOURG" (Belgium), "FASTBIND" (Finland), "Duplo" (Japan), "Xante" (USA), "Canon" (Japan), "Boway" (China) and others.

If you are engaged or plan to be engaged in printing production. We deliver all necessary equipment for small, average and large printing houses: CTP systems, sheet and rolled offset cars, risographs, full-color systems and post-printing equipment of various class.

Existence of warehouses and the established relations with suppliers allow in the shortest possible time and is strict according to the schedule to provide our clients to all necessary for trouble-free operation.

Represented by our company you receive the reliable partner in your business, and also serious service support, guarantee and post warranty maintenance of your equipment. For each model of the delivered equipment we have detailed specifications of details and knots. In a warehouse of the company there is always a reserve of spare parts.

So, direct deliveries of the high-quality equipment of global manufacturers directly from plants - manufacturers, existence in a warehouse of expendables. the highly skilled personnel ready at any time to give you necessary consultation and service support - here several reasons for which it is worth addressing to the Caspian Poligraph company.

With respect, staff of the Caspian Poligraph company.
Our collective - the professionals betrayed to the business putting success of the client above all!

Call us and our managers will consult you on the asked questions!


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